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I guess a lot of us (all of us?) have dreamed about having a personal cycling trainer - preferably a professional cyclist or ex-professional - at least for a week or two, to give us some hints and tips about how to improve our cycling.

I always have a nagging suspicion that my performance would be improved as much by better techniques as by more time training, and that a combination of the two would bring a great level of improvement. Of course I could be wrong, perhaps I already have a 100% perfect professional technique and training program...just I doubt it somehow.

Probably I'll never know since, lottery wins aside, I'm unlikely to suddenly be able to appoint a professional trainer to help me cycle a bit faster.

I came within a whisker of booking a place on a one week course in the Pyrenees with a French ex-TDF stage winner, but backed out (a) in case my French wasn't good enough and (b) in case my cycling wasn't good enough - the course said 'for all levels' but when a TDF rider says a training program is 'for all levels' I wasn't sure exactly what they might mean...and the training days, in the heart of the mountains, gave the impression that 'all levels' meant 'all levels of very good cyclist'!

So what to do?

I came across an online training program that looks pretty good at Seems to have loads of different training courses for all levels, apparently it was developed by professional cyclists, and it pretty much promises to deliver everything we all want - great use of our training time, better results, performance and techniques, and all with a money back guarantee if it doesn't work. Sounds too good to be true? Who knows!

It's advertised at a big discount at the moment, down from $370 to $97 which sounds like a great value price if it can deliver what it promises (that's about 65 pounds at todays rate).

What do you reckon? Is it worth a try or do I just need to cycle more?! Is it likely to deliver the promised 10-30% performance improvement or will I be asking for my money back - that's a pretty big improvement that I'd be extremely happy with! Any other cyclists tried this training program? Take a look and tell me what you think - it's worth checking out their comments about training synergies even if you're not looking for a training program, pretty interesting stuff...

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