Bike reviews

Trek Madone 5.5 review

I have to explain three things before starting this Trek Madone review:

1) The bike under review is one I bought myself, with my own hard-earned cash, and I ride it a lot. It is not a short-term review model - unfortunately Trek didn't feel the need to send me a free bike, I can't imagine why!

2) Because buying bikes myself is rather expensive (!) I don't have a great range of comparisons to make with similarly priced bikes.

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Specialized Allez Elite Bike review

The Specialized Allez range of bikes ranges from the budget end of the market - £450 - to bikes costing about £1300. All are good value within their price bracket.

The Specialized Allez range covers a wide range of the price band that most of us are willing to pay for a bike - roughly £500-£1300.

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GT GTR bike

The GTR range of bikes from GT covers a broad range of prices from £500 to over £2000, with a variety of equipment and frames appropriate to the price.

The whole range has been designed by cycling enthusiasts to ensure that at any price point you will be gettinga high quality bike offering great value for money.

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