The Specialized Allez range of bikes ranges from the budget end of the market - £450 - to bikes costing about £1300. All are good value within their price bracket.

The Specialized Allez range covers a wide range of the price band that most of us are willing to pay for a bike - roughly £500-£1300.

They are a reputable, well established company and suppliers of bikes for many cycling teams and events. So they have our attention!

The three most popular ranges are (in price ascending order):

  • Specialized Allez;
  • Specialized Allez Sport;
  • Specialized Allez Elite.

There are also frame only options available.

All the bikes have aluminium frames, and carbon forks. The gears and brakes are more highly specified in the Allez elite, using Shimano 105 rather than the Tiagra and Sora in the lower priced models. One other significant difference is the forks and carbon fibre seatpost in the Elite that contain 'damping' inserts (called Zertz inserts) to make the ride more comfortable.

All models appear to be very competitive in their price ranges.


Personal comments and review of the Specialized Allez Elite

The comments that follow are based on my own experiences - I have owned a Specialized Allez Elite 27 bike (in attractive Gerolsteiner colours) for about seven months. Bought and paid for with my own hard-earned cash I might add.

The bike has proven to be excellent in all respects. My main concern before buying the bike was the brakes - several reviews seemed to suggest that there was a problem with brakes being inefficient at stopping the bike quickly on earlier versions of the bike. I don't know if they have changed the brakes or I'm less fussy but they seem to work very effectively so far!

Having a carbon front fork makes a very big difference to the feel of the bike (my previous bike didn't) - it is much lighter and easier to steer.

The bike is fun to ride, and also comfortable over long distances. It is good for climbing hills, and just as good for coming back down them. The fork and the inserts play a large part in this comfort and speed perhaps. The saddle on the Elite is also very comfortable.

I find little to fault in the bike - although my 61cm frame perhaps looks a bit 'large' rather than sporty.


Despite strong competition in this price range, I would have no hesitation in recommending the Specialized Allez range of bikes - both for new riders and for the more experienced.