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We cyclists all have a small pouch underneath our saddle, with as few tools as possible squeezed in - because every tool we carry adds a few extra grams of weight. But which tools are really important when you set out on a long ride?


1. Spare innertube - much quicker to replace an innertube and easier than repairing a puncture

2. Tyre levers

3. Puncture repair kit  - it's much quicker simply to replace the inner tube but sometimes things go wrong - you might miss the cause of the puncture and get another one straightaway, for example.

4. Pump (and/or gas canister for inflating tyres)

5. Suitable range of allen keys - things like saddles to come loose occasionally...

Useful occasionally:

1. Spoke key

2. Chain tool

3. Bits of string / adhesive tape

Nice to have in your cycle toolkit:

1. phone - if all else fails and your and your bike are stuck at the edge of the road its great to be able to contact someone

2. money

3. cycle lock - not usually necessary unless you plan to abandon your bike somewhere. If you just need to pop in a shop quickly, leave your bike in the hardest gear - that makes it pretty hard for a casual thief to make off quickly, especially with on a bike with clipless pedals

4. disposable polythene / plastic gloves

6. screwdriver to take the cleats off your shoes if you need to walk miles!

Also highly recommended:

1. your name, address and a contact phone number for someone on a piece of paper in case you meet with an accident

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